Licensed Counselors

We are a team of licensed and registered counselors working closely to build the future of mental health in Malaysia. Each one of us specializes in a unique area of the population and skill set, and we lean on each others strengths to continually establish our practices, keep each other in check, and ensure excellence in the service we provide.

We believe our work is important. We know that as awareness grows, so does misinformation. And as technology advances, so must we.

Therefore, you can rest assured that in each counseling session, we are ready to assist you in your mental health journey with the necessary psychotherapeutic tool, resources, research and industry standards.


Hansel Wong

Founder of HanselCounsel Services

Hansel makes sure every minute of your time in session is meaningfully spent. Between sessions, he can be found supervising interns, giving workshops to corporate and academic institutions, and engaging with fellow Malaysians on the latest mental health topics on his social media platforms.

Outside of counseling, he enjoys sweating it out in the gym, waterfall hikes and pc games.

Ruth Chua

Founder of SitwithRuth

Ruth Chua excels in providing a safe space for all your emotions, experiences and thoughts. Balancing professionalism and care, she provides emotional support while also exploring of practical ways to overcome life experiences.

Ruth also views the in the unique perspective of relationships. Whether its with others or with one’s self, finding the way to healthy relationships is an effective component in her process.

She is adept in both allowing your feelings the unconditional attention it deserves, while also able to provide fresh perspectives that may move been considered before.


Ong Chia Shen

I believe that every individual is able to make good decisions. However, the complexities of the world often leave us lost in thoughts, heavy emotions and traumatic experiences. 

In these difficult times, I strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental space to discover your real self, explore your strengths/flaws, as well as explore various options that are available for you to achieve a richer and more meaningful life.”   

But I was not always in this position.

During the darkest points in my life, I’ve experienced self-doubt in a way that has somehow beat me down and made me see myself as a failure. 

In the doubting period, I had to slowly and humbly acknowledge myself as an imperfect person. This involved practicing everything I’ve learnt and changing my thought process by continually reminding myself that I, too, deserve a second chance and opportunities to grow. 

Today, I enjoy the process of helping others through stepping into clients’ inner world and journeying with them for their ups and downs. It gives me fulfillment and purpose to be able to connect and grow together.  

If I am deserving of a second chance, why shouldn’t you deserve one too? This is my story and I am looking forward to hearing from you 😇

Stacey Bong

My goal in counseling is to empower my clients to build mental resilience. The main therapeutic approach I exercise is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) depending on the individual .

When I am not conducting counseling therapy sessions or reading up on psychology, I am most certainly found in the kitchen, cooking and baking with my husband!

The most defining moment in my life was when I was struggling with a chronic illness across my late teenage years. It was not only difficult for me physically, but my mental well-being was at its lowest point as well. 

Additionally, growing up in an Asian family, it was simply not okay to be not okay. As a result, I did not know how to deal with emotions, which led me to bottling everything up all the time. Soon, I realized: it was not only me, but most of my peers as well.

It was society’s expectation to keep things to ourselves and just “be strong”. 

As I stepped into adulthood, I realized there are many people who need help mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. Like me, they have been bottling it all in and needed to open up. But are not aware of the help available out there. 

Wanting to help, I volunteered at Mental Health Association Sarawak. It was my experience there that inspired me to pursue a Master of Professional Counselling at Monash University Malaysia. I did my practicum and internship in Sarawak General Hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic attending to individuals with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, career and academic related matters, marriage, postpartum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and so on. 

It took years for me to gain hope and confidence from my chronic illness. But this was possible thanks to the love and support of loved ones around me. This experience gave me empathy and understanding of other people’s sufferings and it is my goal as a counselor to empower you to not only cope but to thrive independently as well.


The standard fee for licensed counseling sessions is RM300/hour for Partners and RM250/hour for Associates.

Depending on each counselor, we may also provide a bundle packages of between 4-6 sessions. Do inquire for more information.

To make it counselling accessible, we also provide a Sliding Scale pricing (rm175-250) that will be based on monthly income for counseling sessions payer/s who are unable to afford the standard rate. However, this may require the presentation of some documentation within the past 3 months.

While these options are many, our main priority as mental health professionals is to ensure you receive the right help. This means finding the correct professional at a price point that does not add to your stress. Let’s have a discussion and we will do our part in directing you to the best options available.

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