Licensed Counselors

We are a team of licensed and registered counselors working closely to build the future of mental health in Malaysia. Each one of us specializes in a unique area of the population and skill set, and we lean on each others strengths to continually establish our practices, keep each other in check, and ensure excellence in the service we provide.

We believe our work is important. We know that as awareness grows, so does misinformation. And as technology advances, so must we.

Therefore, you can rest assured that in each counseling session, we are ready to assist you in your mental health journey with the necessary psychotherapeutic tool, resources, research and industry standards.


Hansel Wong

Founder of HanselCounsel Services

Hansel makes sure every minute of your time in session is meaningfully spent. Between sessions, he can be found supervising interns, giving workshops to corporate and academic institutions, and engaging with fellow Malaysians on the latest mental health topics on his social media platforms.

Outside of counseling, he enjoys sweating it out in the gym, waterfall hikes and pc games.


Ruth Chua

Founder of SitwithRuth

Ruth Chua excels in providing a safe space for all your emotions, experiences and thoughts. Balancing professionalism and care, she provides emotional support while also exploring of practical ways to overcome life experiences.

Ruth also views the in the unique perspective of relationships. Whether its with others or with one’s self, finding the way to healthy relationships is an effective component in her process.

is adept in both allowing your feelings the unconditional attention it deserves, while also able to


The standard fee for licensed counseling sessions is RM300/hour.

Depending on each counselor, we may also provide a bundle packages of between 4-6 sessions.

To make it counselling accessible, we also provide a Sliding Scale pricing (rm175-250) that will be based on monthly income for counseling sessions payer/s who are unable to afford the standard rate. However, this may require the presentation of some documentation within the past 3 months.

While these options are many, our main priority as mental health professionals is to ensure you receive the right help. This means finding the correct professional at a price point that does not add to your stress. Let’s have a discussion and we will do our part in directing you to the best options available.

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