Counseling Interns

We are interns in the final stages of becoming a licensed and registered counselor, after a 3 year degree in psychology, 2 years of academic training in the masters program, and over 70 hours of providing counseling each.

With this experience, we are well equipped to provide a safe space for your mental health needs, including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief & loss, self-esteem or direction in life.

Our journey has been long and tough, and it would not be possible a deep passion to help those in psychological distress. Our desire is ultimately to sharpen our skills in providing professional and ethical guidance in your struggles in life.


Intern counselors provide counseling sessions at a fixed rate of RM70/session.

Our main priority as mental health professionals is to ensure you receive the right help. This means finding the correct professional at a price point that does not add to your stress. Let’s have a discussion and we will do our part in directing you to the best options available.

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