The Existential Anxiety of Global Issues

#COVID19 is the latest in a new source of anxiety we are seeing in mental health. Look at other recent events: the America-China trade wars, fires raging in the Amazon and Australia, climate change and waste management. There is a very real existential fear of “What is going to happen to all of us?” or … Continue reading The Existential Anxiety of Global Issues

The Future of Psychotherapy

Counsellors are afraid to admit this, but the precious sanctity of face-to-face counselling is slowly dissolving. The four walls of confidentiality has always made for a very literal safe house where clients can escape and be who they really are. As counsellors, we are taught to make this a place of healing not only through … Continue reading The Future of Psychotherapy

Book Review: Men Navigating Midlife

Wanted to share about a book that I grabbed recently about men's issues. To those who have been following me on Instagram and other social media, its a topic that's close to heart. And I particularly enjoyed this book. It's got a good mix of theory and experiences. Very enlightening. Robyn Vicekers-Willis is a practicing … Continue reading Book Review: Men Navigating Midlife

Developing Mental Resilience at Work

Photo by on “To be the best, whether in sports or business or any other aspect of life, it’s never enough to just get to the top; you have to stay there, and then you have to climb higher.” - Tim Grover Success is a combination of talent and hard work (some will … Continue reading Developing Mental Resilience at Work

Seven Types of Self-Care For The Adulting Millennial

Self-care isn’t just a much needed cup of coffee or an impromptu vacay. And it doesn’t help that there isn’t a textbook on self-care either. Perhaps its because self-care is so individual and personal. It IS about yourself after all. But here are some areas that you might want to consider putting into your arsenal … Continue reading Seven Types of Self-Care For The Adulting Millennial