The Existential Anxiety of Global Issues

#COVID19 is the latest in a new source of anxiety we are seeing in mental health. Look at other recent events: the America-China trade wars, fires raging in the Amazon and Australia, climate change and waste management. There is a very real existential fear of “What is going to happen to all of us?” or “Is THIS going to be what wipes us all away?”.

In uncertainty, worrying is natural. But there are things you can do:

1) Be accurately informed: Information is being thrown from every angle. Choose reliable and credible sources wisely and discard/unfollow/block the inaccurate and repetitive. This helps you keep in the know AND reduce the stress needed to sift through every misinformation.

2) Offer what you can: Being able to do something amidst global crises can alliviate stress levels. Offering time, expertise or donations to the cause (to legitimate organizations) gives a sense of control over the problem and has tangible effects to finding a resolution.

3) Be mindful of your lifestyle: The silver-lining in times of crises is an opportunity to reevaluate life. “Should I start practicing more hygiene?”, “How much waste do I produce?” “How hard is planting?” or “I need to appreciate my loved ones more.”

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