Seven Types of Self-Care For The Adulting Millennial

Self-care isn’t just a much needed cup of coffee or an impromptu vacay. And it doesn’t help that there isn’t a textbook on self-care either. Perhaps its because self-care is so individual and personal. It IS about yourself after all. But here are some areas that you might want to consider putting into your arsenal of self-care routines:

  1. Secure your Necessities

In the bustle of life, the most basic things are the first to be forgotten. Take a look at your room/house if its needs a bit of the Marie Kondo touch. You may be used to the mess, but a bit of spring cleaning can bring in new perspectives. Debts and lack of saving can be a prevailing source of stress and anxiety. A conscious change in lifestyle can go a long way in saving the cents and dollars.

2. Cleaning up Your Routine

Take a weekend to yourself to list down all your activities: how much time is dedicated to work, play, family and self-improvement? Are you spending enough time doing what you love?

3. Refresh your Mind

A healthy mind needs to be fed with fresh perspectives. Yes, here’s where those vacations can be justified! But if you’re tight on the dollar, taking yourself out of the usual routine and into new places can be equally refreshing. Meet new people, take classes or dive into a book. You’ll come out reinvigorated and fresh with ideas.

4. Acknowledge Your Emotions

As a society, we encourage positivity and “putting our best foot forward”. But as a result, we tend to push away the emotions that are deemed to be negative or unwanted by others. How have you treated your emotions lately? Give yourself sometime to acknowledge your anger, sadness or even fear. It is ok to feel these things, it is only not okay to let them control you.

5. Support Your Circles

Reality check: self-care doesn’t always have to be about yourself! Friends and family are a quick call away if you need someone to shoulder the weight for you. Find a new cafe as an excuse for a good ranting session. But if you’re really have no one (yes, it happens), look out of charity organisations, social clubs or religious groups. These organisations may come with certain agendas, but they are ready to build connections and support you.

6. Rewrite Your Life Rules

Everyone has their rules that they develop over time. Some of them are universal (e.g. killing is bad), some of them personal (e.g. pineapple on pizza is great). Take a moment to reflect on yourself and the rules you’ve created by making a list of “what you know to be true in life”. This will give you certainty on who you are and what you stand for, bringing self-care to a deeper and more introspective level.

7. Find Your Purpose

What is your purpose in life? Perhaps the most fundamental act of self-care you can give yourself is to reaffirm why you do what you do. Here’s a sequence of questions that you can follow that might help guide you towards your purpose

  • What social roles do you play in life?
  • What are you doing now that you find fulfilment in?
  • What is important for you to achieve in life?
  • What about this achievement is meaningful to you?
  • What does this say about you in terms of your purpose?

In reflection, I think the overarching theme in self-care is being conscious about what we do and why we do it. Stressors and uncertainty in life is inevitable. But with the right self-care actions in place, we can weather adulthood even in those circumstances.

What are yourself-care routines? Do they fall into these categories or have i missed out on some? Let me know in the discussion below and have a good self-care session!

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